A Quick Guide to Artifact

artifact: american material culture

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*WHO* --> who sponsors this page?
producers and consumers: who uses artifacts?

*WHAT* --> definitions: what is material culture study?
object identification: what is that thing, anyway? what should i know about it?
value: what's it worth?

*WHEN* --> dating objects: when was that made?
the life of objects: when was that used? how has it changed? how would we use it now?
calendars: what's happening and when?

*WHERE* --> collections: where can i see things, learn about them, or buy them?
bibliographies: where can i read more?

*WHY & HOW* --> why material culture study?: justifications, apologies and manifestos.
teaching material culture: syllabi, articles
"ARTIFACT Online: A Work in Progress"

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last updated january, 2000.