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The Chesapeake American Studies Association is a regional branch of the American Studies Association. Our membership area includes the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Richmond, VA. and Baltimore, MD. 

To join CHASA, you must be a member of the ASA; you are automatically a member of the regional chapter where you reside, but may also join additional regions. An online membership form can be found here.

About ASA (from the American Studies Association website)

Chartered in 1951, the American Studies Association now has more than 5,000 members. They come from many fields: history, literature, religion, art, philosophy, music, science, folklore, ethnic studies, anthropology, material culture, museum studies, sociology, government, communications, education, library science, gender studies, popular culture, and others. They include persons concerned with American culture: teachers and other professionals whose interests extend beyond their speciality, faculty and students associated with American Studies programs in colleges and secondary schools, museum directors and librarians interested in all segments of American life, public officials and administrators concerned with the broadest aspects of education. They approach American culture from many directions but have in common the desire to view America as a whole rather from the perspective of a single discipline.

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