Graduate and Undergraduate Student Paper Competition

The Chesapeake American Studies Association (CHASA) is proud to announce that there will be two prizes--$125.00 each--awarded for the two best student papers at this year's CHASA Colloquium. (There will be one prize in each category: undergraduate and graduate.) If you are interested in entering the competition, please email a clean copy of your paper (7 pages maximum) to Dr. Jo Paoletti by March 10, 2006.

Paper time limits - Because we are going to be sticking to the panel time limits, it is important that each participant adhere to the time limitations. Each of you will have between 15-20 minutes to present your work. This equates to roughly 6-7 pages of double-spaced text. We would not like for you to rush your papers so adhering to the 7 page maximum will pretty much ensure that you will not go over the time limits. Moderators will be instructed to prompt you when 5 mins. is remaining for your talk. This allows everyone to have ample time and to invite questions from the audience.

Your essays will be read carefully and evaluated by a committee of three faculty members prior to the colloquium. The winners will be announced during the lunch hour of the colloquium. In addition, the winners' names and paper titles will be posted on the CHASA website, announced in the CHASA electronic newsletter, and announced in the America Studies Association's Newsletter under CHASA's regional report. If you have any questions, please email program committee and CHASA executive board member Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson,

Student Paper Competition Judges:
Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson, University of Maryland
Dr. Nancy Struna, University of Maryland
Dr. Paul Smith, George Mason University

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