Comparative Race & Ethnicity

In this course you’ll learn how race and ethnicity were created, defended, and adapted by various communities in the United States over space and time. The class is structured through historical and geographical understandings of race and ethnicity though we will also engage with gender, sexuality, class, citizenship, and immigration status. The semester begins by grounding the course in key terms important for frameworks that analyze race and racialization. From there we move to various US regions and time periods to explore how migrants, immigrants, refugees, colonized subjects, and people of color have been constructed in relationship to each other.

Comparative Race & Ethnicity
Course Information
  • Course Id:AMST629N
  • Credit:3
  • Room:TWS 0134
  • Days:Tu
  • Timings:4:00pm - 6:40pm
Perla Guerrero

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