Space, Place, and Identity in the Digital Age

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Our bodies and identities are intimately bound to the spaces we move through. It is impossible to conceive of a meaningful space without considering it alongside embodiment and the practices that tie our identities to our bodies. Throughout this course, we will investigate the relationship between the production of space, practices of place, and embodied identity. The relationship between these categories has taken on a new level of importance with the emergence of digital technologies, as seen in both academic studies and in the broader cultural climate. We will study several topics that are situated at the intersection of space, place, identity, and digital technology such as mapping and power, location-aware and pervasive technologies, surveillance, social media and activism, technological prostheses and disability, empire in the digital age, transnational identity, and diaspora in an age of global connectivity.

Space, Place, and Identity in the Digital Age
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  • Course Id:AMST628N
  • Credit:3
  • Days:Th
  • Timings:4:00-6:40pm
Jason Farman

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