Affiliate Faculty

African American Studies

Sharon Harley

Joseph Richardson


Judith N. Freidenberg

Mark P. Leone

Paul A. Shackel

Architecture Program

Matthew J. Bell

Isabelle J. Gournay

Art History & Archaeology

Renee Ater

Comparative Literature

Ralph Bauer

Regina Harrison

Zita Nunes

Randy Ontiveros

Sangeeta Ray

Orrin Wang

Computer Science

Ben A. Shneiderman

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Sally S. Simpson


Alberto Cabrera (EDUC)

Nelly Stromquist (EDUC)


Jonathan Auerbach

Ralph Bauer

Sharada Balachandran Orihuela

Charles A. Caramello (Dean of the Graduate School)

William Cohen

Jane L. Donawerth

Matthew G. Kirschenbaum

Robert S. Levine

Marilee Lindemann

Barry L. Pearson

Brian Richardson

Martha Nell Smith

Mary Helen Washington

David Wyatt


Carolyn Eades


Martha Geores

Government & Politics

Mark A. Graber

Historic Preservation

Donald Linebaugh


Elsa Barkley-Brown

Ira Berlin, Distinguished University Professor

David Freund

Saverio Giovacchini

Julie Greene

Robyn L. Muncy

Leslie Rowland

David B. Sicilia

Madeline Zilfi


Mark Feldstein

Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

Jack Sullivan

Public Policy

Robert T. Grimm Jr.


George Ritzer, Distinguished University Professor

Spanish & Portuguese

Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia

Ana Patricia Rodriguez


Faedra Carpenter

Urban Studies

Willow Lung Amam

Women’s Studies

Bonnie Thornton Dill (Dean of the College of Arts & Humanities)

Katherine R. King

Alexis Lothian

Michele Rowley

Ruth Zambrana


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