We are in the process of updating our alumni and placement records, and will continue to add to these lists. Alumni: please send relevant information to


Tiffany King, Assistant Professor, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Georgia State University

Elise White, Deputy Director, Midtown Community Court (New York)



Krista Park, Geographer/Project Manager, U.S. Census Bureau

Manouchka Poinson, Lecturer, University of Maryland, Baltimore Country

Jason Nichols, Lecturer, African American Studies, University of Maryland, College Park



Robert Hernandez, Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Texas, Austin (2011); Assistant Professor, English, University of California, Riverside (2012)

Amelia Wong, Assistant Professor, Museum Studies, George Washington University

Christine Muller, Dean, Saybrook College, Yale University

Justin Maher, Postdoctoral Associate for Graduate Education Administration, University of Maryland, College Park (2011); Assistant Director of Admissions, Harvard University Graduate School of Education (2012)

Henrike Lehnguth, Lecturer, University of Oldenberg

Robert Chester, Lecturer, American Studies Department, University of Maryland



Patrick Grzanka, Honors Faculty Fellow, Barrett College, Arizona State University

Rebecca Krefting, Assistant Professor, American Studies, Skidmore College

Manon Perry, Assistant Professor, Public History, University of Amsterdam

Kristen Williams, Visiting Assistant Professor, American Studies, Miami University, Ohio

Savneet Talwar, Associate Professor, Art Therapy, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Jennifer Anne Stabler, Archeologist, Prince George’s County Planning Department

Dawn Marie Reynolds, Senior Instructional Designer, Management Concepts

Claudia Rector, Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs, George Mason University

Teresa Moyer, Archeologist, National Park Service

Erika Martin Seibert, Archeologist, National Register of Historic Places

Lisa Gill, Fulbright Fellowship, Universität Regensburg



Wendy Thompson, Postdoctoral Fellowship, History, University of Minnesota (2009); Postdoctoral Fellowship, Africana Studies, Bowdoin College (2011); Assistant Professor, African and African American Studies, Indiana State University (2013)

Tamara Wilds Lawson, Director, Posse Foundation (DC)

Kristen Hodge, ACLS Public Fellows Postdoctoral Fellowship

Tyrone Stewart, Academic Advisor, University of Michigan

John Kille, Assistant Director, Lost Towns Project

Beth Graybill, Interim Women’s Center Director and Adjunct Faculty of Women and Gender Studies, Franklin and Marshall College



Jennifer Nolan-Stinson, Assistant Professor, English, North Carolina State University

Nicole King, Assistant Professor, American Studies, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Heidi Nasstrom Evans, Lecturer, Art and Art History, George Mason University

Alice Sandosharaj, Faculty, English, Howard University



John Patrick Daves, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Park Tudor School

Michael Hummel, Lecturer, American Studies, University of Maryland, Baltimore Country

Jesse Scott, Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi

Barbara Shaw, Assistant Professor, Women’s Studies, Allegheny College

Kelly Quinn, Assistant Professor, American Studies, Miami University, Ohio (2007); Terra Foundation Project Manager for Online Scholarly and Educational Initiatives (2012)

L. Suzanne Gordon, Lecturer, American Studies, University of Maryland