What is an internship?

An internship is a trainee position; when the University grants credit for work experience, it is with the expectation that the student is participating in experiential learning which is tied to an academic field.

How do I arrange for credit for an internship?

In order to earn credit, you must register for experiential learning credit (AMST386, ARHU386, etc.) during the semester in which you will be doing the work.  For example, if you do an internship in June, July, or August, you must register for AMST386 during summer session.  Prior to registration, you need to submit a completed, signed Internship Proposal Form to the Internship Coordinator.  You can download the form HERE or pick one up in the main AMST office.

How may I use internship credits towards my degree?

You can apply three internship credits towards one of your upper-level AMST requirements.  If you take additional credits, they will count towards the 45 credits needed for the ARHU upper-level elective requirement.

What kinds of internships do AMST majors do? How do I find one?

Because the credits are applied toward the focus area, most internships reflect those interests.  The campus Career Center is the best source for internship ideas and announcements.  Examples are given below:

Focus Area

Internship Idea


Private sector firms in your preferred field


Tutoring organizations, youth programming

Ethnic Studies

Political advocacy, multicultural organizations


Archives, museums, libraries

Material Culture

National Park Service, museums

Media Studies

Broadcasting, print media, American Film Institute

Popular Culture

Sports marketing, fashion industry

Will I get paid for an internship?

That depends on the internship site; many private sector and some public sector internships are paid.  Others are credit-only, so be sure to read the fine print and ask!

For further information:

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