• Associate Professor and Chair of American Studies

    Psyche Williams-Forson

    Dr. Williams-Forson's research and teaching interests include cultural studies, material culture, food, women’s studies, social and cultural history of the U.S. in the late 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

    La Marr Jurelle Bruce

    Dr. Bruce studies and teaches African American and African diaspora literature and performance, popular culture, disability studies, sexuality studies, critical theory, and the art and aesthetics of quotidian...
  • Senior Lecturer and Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies

    Asim Ali

    Dr. Asim Ali’s primary research interest is ethnography, with a focus on how and why people use digital media and popular culture to create communities, and how cultural identity (such as race, gender,...
  • Professor and Director of the Design Cultures & Creativity Program

    Jason Farman

    Dr. Farman's research focuses on emerging media, cultural impact of mobile technologies, embodied space, and the history of technology.
  • Senior Lecturer

    Robert K. Chester

    Dr. Chester’s courses and research interests focus on the ways in which popular culture shape narratives of US history, on which of those narratives becomes privileged, and on the place of marginalized...
  • Associate Professor

    Perla Guerrero

    Dr. Guerrero's research and teaching interests lie comparative race and ethnicity, immigration, space and place, labor, and 20th century U.S. history.
  • Associate Professor

    Christina Hanhardt

    Dr. Hanhardt's research focuses on the historical and contemporary study of U.S. social movements and cities since the mid-20th century, with an emphasis on the politics of stigma, punishment, and uneven...
  • Assistant Professor

    Bayley J. Marquez

    Dr. Marquez's research interests include settler colonial theory, Indigenous education, Black education, the history of education, abolitionist university studies, and critical ethnic studies. She is interested...
  • Associate Professor and Interim Director of Graduate Studies

    Nancy Raquel Mirabal

    Dr. Mirabal has published widely in the field of Afro-diasporic communities in the United States. She is also interested in the politics of territoriality, gentrification, and spatiality, publishing several...
  • Senior Lecturer

    James Maffie

    Dr. Maffie is author of Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion (2014) and numerous articles examining various aspects of conquest-era Mexica (Aztec) philosophical thought. He argues that the...
  • Professor Emerita

    Jo B. Paoletti

    Dr. Paoletti has spent nearly forty years researching and writing about gender differences in America fashion. She has also published articles and book chapters on service-learning, undergraduate research,...
  • Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

    Mary Corbin Sies

    Dr. Sies' research and teaching interests span material culture studies, planning history, architectural history, urban/suburban history, and cultural and social history of the U.S. in the 19th and 20th...
  • Professor

    Janelle Wong

    Dr. Wong's research is on race, immigration, and political mobilization. Her current book project focuses on how growing numbers of Asian American and Latino evangelical Christians will impact the traditional...
  • Professor Emerita

    Nancy Struna

    Dr. Struna began her academic career as a social historian of sport, leisure, and work. With a strong theoretical bent, she focuses on cultural production, the body and sexuality, agency and power in everyday...
  • Professor Emeritus

    John Caughey

    John L. Caughey is a Professor Emeritus and past chair in the Department. His research involves the ethnographic, comparative investigation of contemporary cultures as systems of meaning. He has done field...