Embodied Knowledge: Theorizing and Historicizing the “Black Body”

“Embodied Knowledge” is a graduate seminar illuminating the material, experiential, representational, and political manifestations of the “black body” in American culture and society. During our semester together, we will approach the body as more than mere physiological entity; we will also treat the body as a dynamic phenomenon of human subjectivity and social construction that is freighted and inscribed with affect, symbol, memory, fantasy, history, and more.

The curriculum is emphatically interdisciplinary. We will closely read memoir, fiction, poetry, and drama; we will closely view photography, painting, documentary film, and music video; and we will consult scholarship from critical race theory, feminist theory, phenomenology, historiography, performance theory, disability studies, psychoanalysis, and queer theory. We will encounter “the black body” in various contexts and conditions: in pain, in flight, in captivity, in ecstasy, on stage, at war, in space, in worship, at school, in theory, in love, and beyond.

Embodied Knowledge: Theorizing and Historicizing the “Black Body”
Course Information
  • Course Id:AMST628K
  • Credit:3
  • Days:Last Taught Spring 2016

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