Seminar In American Studies

This seminar guides American Studies majors in conducting original research and completing a 20- to 25- page thesis. Each of the major components of doing original research will be covered: investigating primary sources in relation to major research questions and through appropriate methodology, analyzing research to arrive at a significant or/or original insight, establishing the stakes of a research project, composing a review of scholarly literature, and articulating the contribution of the thesis to that literature. The course assumes that students have been introduced to these components of research in AMST340 or an independent study, and are therefore prepared for the execution of their research at the start the seminar.

Seminar In American Studies
Course Information
  • Course Id:AMST450
  • Credit:3
  • Room:TWS 0134
  • Days:MW
  • Timings:11:00am - 12:15pm
Mary Corbin Sies

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