Department of American Studies Announces Fund in Honor of Dr. John Caughey

In honor Dr. John Caughey’s retirement, the Department of American Studies has created the Dr. John Caughey Gift Fund to be used towards student and scholarly activities.  After 36 years of service to the University, Dr. Caughey made this request in lieu of a retirement gift to invest in the education of our students even in his absence.  The fund will help to further our department by contributing to research and conference trips for our students, as well as materials and expenses associated with seminars, summer stipends, and other things.  The Department remains grateful to Dr. Caughey for his years of excellent scholarship and dedication to our students, and we have high hopes for the Dr. John Caughey Foundation going forward!


If you would like to make a contribution in honor of Dr. Caughey, please click here.