Fall Events for AMST and USLT!

The fall semester is getting off to a great start with three exciting events the Department is sponsoring!

“Diversity on the Ballot” Panel Discussion, and Political Involvement Fair, at the Nyumburu Cultural Center, Multipurpose Room

Monday, October 1, 2012, 7:00-9:30 pm

This program will focus on the intersection of two important 2012 ballot initiatives in Maryland, the Marriage Equality Act and the Maryland Dream Act. Immigrant access to education and marriage equality may seem like very different issues. Our “Diversity on the Ballot” panel will discuss the intersection of issues, solidarity and broad social justice frameworks, LGBT and undocumented issues, and what diversity looks like on the ballot and at the polls. They will challenge us to consider, is it about “justice” or “just us?” Following the panel discussion will be a Political Involvement Fair, providing an opportunity for students interested in engaging with issue advocacy organizations to get more information and to become more civically engaged, whether it is on diversity issues or beyond.

LGBT Equity Center is hosting with AMST and USLT as a co-sponsor.


Culture Works: Consumption and Business of Shopping Malls in Puerto Rico

Tuesday, October 2, 2012, 4-5:30pm in the Maryland Room (1100 Marie Mount Hall)

Arlene Dávila’s areas of research and interest include race and ethnicity; nationalism; media studies; political economy, globalization; the politics of museum and visual representation; urban studies; consumption; Latinos in the U.S.

The talk will begin at 4pm followed by a Q&A session.  Light refreshments will be served afterward.

For more information, contact Dr. Nancy Struna at (301) 405-1354 or

Presented by the U.S. Latina/o Studies Program and American Studies Department and co-sponsored by the Asian American Studies Program.


Ancestors Remembered – The Cream Shall Rise, a poetry and slave narrative storytelling event by The Minister of Poetry, Ty Gray-EL

Wednesday, October 3, 2012, 4:30-6pm in 1100 Tawes Hall

The Poetry and Slave Narrative Storytelling program presents excerpts from the critically acclaimed book, Breath of My Ancestors and “A Black Woman’s Smile” the internationally proclaimed black woman’s anthem for the 21st century.

A heart-warming and eye-opening experience, Ty Gray-EL seeks to entertain as well as educate. His work aims to:
1. Stimulate an interest in African American history by revealing little-known, often-neglected facts left out of history books.
2. Use poetry and storytelling to motivate young and old to achieve.
3. Improve race relations by dispelling myths of racial inferiority.
4. Support and work in conjunction with other organizations seeking to improve the social and economic status of African Americans.

Presented by the American Studies Department.