Resources for New AMST Students

Answering Your Questions:

  • For academic policy questions pertaining to the American Studies M.A. or Ph.D.: Dr. Jan Padios, Director of Graduate Studies or Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson, Chair of American Studies.
  • For course and program advising, contact your American Studies faculty advisor,Dr. Jan Padios, Director of Graduate Studies, or Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson, Chair of American Studies.
  • For forms or paperwork pertaining to graduate policies, check the departmental and Graduate School websites, then contact your academic advisor for signature and then Dr. Jan Padios, Director of Graduate Studies. When all signatures are in place, please give the paperwork to Dana Persaud for processing.
  • For scheduling rooms for events or signing out departmental equipment, e.g., CD, VCR, and DVD equipment contact Dana Persaud and make reservations on the department calendar in the main office.
  • For anything pertaining to money (payroll, fellowships, insurance, travel reimbursement, ordering pizza for a working group event, honoraria for invited speakers), first clear the expense with Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson, and then talk with Department Coordinator, Julia John.
  • For unofficial advice on courses, professors, working groups, campus organizations, College Park or Greater Washington resources, contact veteran graduate students or members of GSAS.


Graduate Certificate Programs:

Important Sources of Information:

Your First Week (New info for fall 2009 forthcoming)

Your First Month:

Your First Semester