Comprehensive Exams Guidelines for American Studies Affiliate Faculty

  • Eligibility: Any affiliate faculty member may give comprehensive exams to American Studies M.A. and Ph.D. students (except for the American Studies History and Method exam, which is taken with department faculty).
  • Content: Reading lists are negotiated with the student ahead of time.
  • Format: The normal American Studies exam format is a 72-hour take home written exam. However, affiliate faculty are encouraged to use whatever format is appropriate or traditional within their discipline; e.g., a 3-hour oral/slide exam might be appropriate for an exam in architectural history.
  • Evaluation: Affiliate faculty usually serve as the sole reader for exams they administer, unless the exam or topic format warrants a second reader. For example, oral examinations typically have two or three examiners, and an interdisciplinary comp might require readers from two disciplines. Additional readers should be arranged through the American Studies Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Administration: Please register the examination date and format with the Director of Graduate Studies. The Department of American Studies will send an evaluation form which should be completed and returned no later than 10-21 days after the exam is taken.
  • Questions: Please contact the Interim Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Nancy Mirabal.