Mutual Expectations & Satisfactory Progress

Graduate students in the American Studies doctoral program are expected to develop an interdisciplinary plan of study pertaining to one or both of the department’s broad areas of expertise: Cultural Constructions of Identity and Difference, and The Cultures of Everyday Life. In addition to developing their interdisciplinary research expertise, students should gain mastery of the history, formative and current theories, and interdisciplinary content of American Studies literature and demonstrate an understanding of multiple dimensions of diversity. It is expected that students will work on these goals from arrival to graduation.

The Department of American Studies expects students to make steady progress toward the completion of their degrees; this document summarizes those expectations. In addition to using the guidelines in this document, the department strongly recommends that students meet with their program advisors a minimum of once a semester to discuss their progress and plan for the next steps. Students who have not yet selected a program advisor should meet with the Director of Graduate Studies each semester. Note that this document has been updated as of 3/12/2009.