Study Abroad

The twin emphases of the American Studies Department at the University of Maryland—on the construction of difference and on the cultures of everyday life—aim to provide students with an understanding of how Americans make sense of their experience, past and present.

The perspective gained by immersion in another way of life can be invaluable in enhancing the understanding of one’s own “culture of everyday life.”  Moreover, globalization demands increased awareness of other cultures and the learned capacity for cultural engagement, which can be gained from studying in another country.

Students who enter the major as freshmen and sophomores should consider planning their schedules to include a semester abroad.  Students who enter the major as juniors may find it difficult to take a semester abroad, but shorter experiences are available during winter and summer sessions.  Currently, only 10-12% of majors in the College of Arts and Humanities elect to study outside the United States.  The percentage of American Studies majors is even less, but those who have ventured abroad recently have attended universities in Korea, Australia, the Czech Republic, and Argentina, among others.

For more information, please visit the Education Abroad website.