American Studies provides a solid foundation in theories and methods applicable to the investigation of American culture and society, past and present. The major also provides flexibility by enabling students to pursue a supporting area such as English, history, sociology, African American studies, women’s studies, or media studies, in conjunction with course work in American Studies.

The major requires the completion of 42 credit hours, with a grade of C- or higher in each course, distributed as follows:

  • AMST101 Introduction to American Studies (3 credits).
  • One additional lower-level AMST course (3 credits).
  • Two “Americanist Foundation” courses from the list of currently approved courses (6 credits).
  • Four upper-level AMST courses (12 credits). One of these four courses may be an internship (AMST386) or an independent study (AMST398).
  • AMST340 Introduction to History, Theories and Methods in American Studies (3 credits). AMST340 is a prerequisite to AMST450 Seminar in American Studies and cannot be taken concurrently with the seminar.
  • AMST450 Seminar in American Studies (3 credits).
  • •Four courses in an approved Focus Area in a department, minor, or certificate program outside of AMST (12 credits).

As of fall 2012, students must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 within the major in order to graduate.

In addition to fulfilling departmental requirements, majors in American Studies must fulfill the foreign language requirement of the College of Arts and Humanities, defined as language proficiency through the intermediate level.  For more information, please visit the College of Arts and Humanities’ page on the Global Engagement requirement.

For further information or to arrange an appointment to discuss the major in American Studies, contact:

Dr. Mary Sies
Director of Undergraduate Studies
1328F Tawes Hall
301-405-1354 (main office) or 301-405-1361 (direct)