Today on Midday with Dan Rodricks WYPR-NPR: AMST alum David Swartz talks about his senior thesis!

Sheri Parks, Midday’s American culture commentator, takes a look at how luxury and style is embraced by two groups in American society: black women and gay men.  Despite a lackluster economy, members of the black community  — particularly its middle-class women — aspire to own furs and expensive jewelry.  Gay men are often recognized for their meticulous, dapper and eye-catching apparel.  We  have some keen observations to share about consumption and  style, both used to communicate very different messages.  How cultures use style as code, with guests: David Swartz, who is the fifth generation of his family at Baltimore’s Mano Swartz Furs, and Shaun Cole, Course Director for Masters in History and Culture of Fashion and Masters in Fashion Curation at the London College of Fashion.