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Support the American Studies Department

Additional American Studies Funds

American Studies Community Engagement & Special Projects -- Struna Fund

This fund was established upon the retirement of Nancy Struna, former professor and chair in the Department of American Studies, in recognition of her commitment to community engagement, interdisciplinary scholarship, and diversity. Support for this fund enables the Department to develop programs and faculty projects that produce knowledge about or with local communities and enhance understandings of ordinary life, cultures, and diverse identities.

Dr. John Caughey Gift Fund
Graduate research and teaching in the American studies department are centered around two principal intellectual themes at the forefront of the field: the cultures of everyday life and cultural constructions of difference and identity. These themes recur in our established methodologically-based areas of ethnography and life writing, material culture, popular culture and media studies, body and sexuality, cultural landscapes, race and intersectionality, foodways, and information technologies. This fund provides support for travel, summer research and department activities.

Savneet Talwar Best Senior Thesis Prize
Majors in the American studies department often ask what it means to be American. We study everything from novels, music and film to politics, economy and history. This fund provides awards for students majoring in American studies who have written the best senior thesis.